About Us

The National 3 Wheelers Association is the club for riders of trikes and everything 3 Wheeler. Trike and 3 Wheelers Club membership is open to people of all ages who have an interest in trikes in their various forms and enjoy the company of those enthusiasts.

Our club encourages involvement of its members with events and rides. These take the form of social day rides, dinner get-togethers and overnight stays. A quarterly newsletter is produced along with an Events Calendar. A minimum of two events is held each month with more scheduled during the warmer months.

People of all walks of life who would normally probably never meet.

Our trike club likes to keep members informed of the latest developments. For example, competitive pricing to get the best deal for insurance of their beloved machinery! We also swap information whenever a good deal pops up from retailers of clothing, parts or bling suitable for our trikes. Also changes in regulations which might affect those who ride and good and bad experiences with all things mechanical.

The club has gone from strength to strength over the last few years with new members joining and the committee taking on board new ideas for social and ride outings.

The trike club celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2014 and members are looking forward to more exciting events.


The National 3 Wheelers Association would like to thank the sponsors below who support the club. Click on the image to check out their website.

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