Summer/Autumn 2020


ARDEER:                McDonalds (Seven Eleven Servo) Western Ring Road Ardeer- Outbound from Melbourne.  Melways Ref:  40 B 5
DOVETON:             McDonalds 52 Princes Highway Doveton  Melways Ref:  91 A 11
CROYDON:            McDonalds  101 Maroondah Highway (Cnr Nursery Drive) Croydon  Melways Ref:  50 G 1  
BP OFFICER:         On the M1 East Side of Melbourne Outbound
SPOTSWOOD:       Spotswood Hotel 62 Hudsons Road Spotswood  Melways Ref  41 K 12 
ROWVILLE:            Stamford Hotel Cnr Stud Road and Wellington Road Rowville  Melways Ref  81 H 3
BP ROCKBANK:     Outbound Truck Stop 1929 Western Freeway Rockbank  
For further information on events call the Ride Leader
All Rides:  ARRIVE 9.30am  DEPART 10:00am unless otherwise stated.  Social Evenings commence from 7:00pm
The Ride Leader is responsible for arranging corner marking and Tail End Charlie (this pretty much fall into place – just remember to check – nominate a person to right the ride report for our Newsletter
8th      N3W social Night at the Spotswood Hotel Spotswood from 7:00pm
12th    Bob and Judy's Mystery Ride.  Starting fro Croydon McDonalds at 10:00am, the destination of the ride will be                     announced 2 weeks prior.
           Please call Bob on 0429 405 932 for further details
24th    Australia Day Long Weekend at the Shepparton Paradise Lake Motel.
to        Meeting point will be in Nagambie at 12:00pm, we will have lunch at the same Pub as last year, please let me
27th    know if you will be coming for lunch.  We will then ride all together to Shepparton.  
           Please call Patrick on 2408 546 531 for further details
2nd     N3W Annual Poker Run.  Please join us on this years Annual Poker Run.  Who will take the Trophy home this year
           and walk away with all the cash?  This ride will start from McDonalds Rockbank BP Service Station at 10:00am
           Please call Patrick on 2408 546 531 for further details
5th      N3W Social Night at the Stamford Hotel Rowville from 7:00pm
16th    N3W BBQ at the Siegman's in emerald, this ride will leave from Croydon McDonalds at 10:00am.  Your Ride                       Leader will be Bob Charlton.  Please note there will be a $10.00 charge per Member and $15.00 for Non-                           Members. Soft drinks will be supplied
           Please call Peter on 0488 770 622 for your attendance for catering purposes
23rd    N3W ride to Inline 4 Cafe Philip Island
           Your Ride Leader will be Lee Johnston.  This ride will depart from BP Officer Outbound on the M1.  This will be a               great ride and it will be Lee's first time as a ride leader for our Club, co let us all support Lee and give him a                         fantastic turn out
           Please call Lee on 0402 385 820 for further details
1st      N3W Ride to Clarkefield, departing from Rockbank BP Service Centre Outbound at 10:00am.  Your Ride Leaders               will be Gayle and Mick Watson.  Lunch will be at the Clarkefield Pub.  The meals there are very nice.
           Please call Gayle on 0419 393 325 to confirm Lunch Booking or for further information
4th      N3W social Night at the Spotswood Hotel Spotswood from 7:00pm
15th    Back by popular demand, Ride to Seymour with Tom and Karin.  If you missed the last one then make sure you do             not miss this none or even better come along for a second go at it.  This ride will depart from Rockbank BP                         Service Centre Outbound at 9:30am.  PLEASE NOTE EARLIER DEPARTURE TIME.
           Please call Tom on 0407 539 127 for lunch bookings or further details
20th    N3W Echuca AGM.  Please book early when you receive your registration form  The Registration Form will be sent   to       out early January.  We have a fun filled weekend for you all, so we hope to see you all there.  As we will be in 22nd   the warm part of Victoria, don not forget to bring your bathers, as there will be twisting by the pool  
1st      N3W Social Night at the Stamford Hotel Rowville from 7:00pm
5th      Deb and Scott's Mystery Ride, departing from Rockbank BP Service Centre at 10:00am.  Deb and Scott are                       delighted to take you on a ride in their neck of the woods (Ballarat) and discover some of the local food and                       beverages.  The desination of this ride will be posted on our Facebook page 2 weeks prior to the ride.
           Please call Deb on 0466 811 612 for further details
11th    Bendigo Easter Night Parade.  You are all invited to one of the biggest and oldest Easter Parade in Australia. This             is always fun and the Bendigo People love to see the Trikes there every year. If you would like to come and you                 are looking for accommodation, please call the Eaglehawk Hotel on 5446 3444, please book early as rooms go                 very quickly.
           Please call Patrick on 0408 546 531 for further details
19th    N3W Ride to Rosebud at Alan and Myriam Webster's Holiday Pad.  This ride will depart from McDonalds Doveton             at 10:00am.  There will be a BBQ in Rosebud and cost is $10.00 for members and $15.00 for non-members.
           Please call Myriam on 0438 985 121 for catering purposes and further details
26th    N3W Mystery Ride.  Departing from Rockbank BP Service Centre at 10:00am.  Your Ride Leaders will be Tom and             Karin.  This could be the last ride before we get SHITTY weather, so make the most of it and come along for a bit               of fun.
           Please call Tom on 0407 539 127 for further details.
Australia Day Long Weekend at the Paradise Lakes Motel Shepparton, from the 24th to the 27th January.  This Motel is now booked out, see you all there.
N3W AGM  20th to 22nd MARCH
Message to all Members:  Any member who has a favorite destination or ride they would like to organise, please contact Patrick on 0408 546 531.  As Membership grows, so does the potential for more diverse destinations.  This is a great way to show the rest of the Club's members some of your favorite places, whether it is a day ride or an overnighter.  We need Ride Leaders to share the load, so put up your hand if you can help.  I can assure you that you will be thanked by the members as three wheels and fun have never fails to go hand-in-hand.



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